Yes, I know, I haven’t been around awhile. I finally have taken the plunge and got back into painting figurines. Right now I am doing old world Santa’s and snowmen. Once those are finished I have ordered several wildlife that I will be painting and selling. Visit my Etsy store for the ceramics, on Saatchi I must price things over $100 or I can’t sell there.

Jingle Bells Santa

Here we have Jingle Bells Santa adorned with gold bells and white fur lined magenta colored coat and gown. Remember, he is “Old World” so th red and green colors aren’t in style yet!

Mistletoe Santa

Say hello to “Mistletoe Santa” Old World style santa covered in and carrying mistletoe!

Celestial Santa

Celestial Santa, how else is Santa going to make his rounds unless he has connections with the stars! He is wearing a dark blue coat, white gown and is carrying many stars and planets!

Woodland Santa, even the animals make Santas naughty and nice list. Here are deer, rabbits, mice, squirrels and raccoons hanging around santa. Santa is carrying a bag of twigs and a bag of feed as he makes his rounds wearing a holly hat adorned with gold ornaments.

Visit my Etsy store for many more ceramics!

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