Crazy World

It is a really crazy world nowadays. We are moving to Montgomery, Alabama in July. I have started to pack u things around the house that are not being used which included much of my art studio because I was having allot of tests to rule out lung cancer and I wasn’t sure if surgery would be in my future.

Thankfully, God answered not only mine and my families prayers but many of your and my friends as well – thank you!

With the onset of this horrible Coronavirus upon us I did not unpack my art supplies. I have been busy making masks for the area hospitals. Being a retired nurse that is unable to return to the nursing profession due to my advanced heart disease I opted to help out (My wife and son as well) by making masks and donating them. Many people offer money but that is not necessary, they have enough on their hands.

I have been, as I pack up items, cleaning up the lawn ornaments and repainting those!

Cement Flower Pot
Fireman Mickey!

There are allot more, but I won’t bore you with those. All of my paintings and ceramics are still available in my Etsy store and will be through our move, please pay a visit!

Prayers to everyone out there including all the healthcare workers and they’re families during these trying times!

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