Good Bye for Now

Well, I am finally having surgery on my hand that has been overdue for quite some time. I have significant arthritis in my hands and had surgery in 2018 on my right hand. This time it will be key left. It will be at least three months before I am healed enough to resume painting.

In the meantime I do have over a hundred paintings and figurines left for sale. I would like to clear out as many as possible so I don’t have to worry about boxing and shipping.

Please, visit the following websites, disregard the listed prices, contact me with an offer. If your offer covers my costs I will sell it to you. AS THEY SAY – IF YOU DON’T OFFER, I CAN’T ACCEPT YOUR OFFER! – This is my ETSY Store where you can buy all of my paintings and ceramic/porcelain and pecan resin figurines – This is my Fine Art America website. Here you can order all styles of prints with my paintings, blankets, mugs, shower curtains and on and on. All of these items use my art on them, you select the art, size it the way you want and that’s it. You can even select a frame for your print. Take a picture of where you plan to hang it and upload it. It inserts my print on your wall so you can see what it will look like!.

Happy shopping, thank you for your support and I will be getting hold of you when I start back up.

Chuck Francis

The Fledgling Artist

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