Art Exhibition

Well I have submitted four pieces of art to the 55th Annual Montgomery Art Guild Regions Bank Exhibition. The exhibition will be judged by William downs ( ). I will find out by August 18th if any of my pieces are selected. Opening reception for the exhibition is Tuesday September 14th at 5:30 and the exhibition continues until October 6th.

Here are my pieces I submitted:

Eagle Pose 16″ wide x 20″ tall oil painting $425.00. I painted this last year in the middle of the COVID outbreak. I was going to have the Eagle crying, but I thought against it. My thoughts were that with our nations Mighty National Bird standing Proud as if he is watching over us it would help people feel better about themselves and knowing our country will help see us through these trying times.

Groovin’ 12″ wide x 16″ Tall acrylic $225.00 – My son Joshua loves Jazz and was at New Orleans a couple of years ago and took several pictures of the music scene. This is one he had taken of a gentleman grooving out on his sax (Don’t tell Dr. Joshua I told you so but he used to be quite the tenor sax player himself!) I thought I would try painting some abstract paintings from some of his photos. The white stars on here are painted with iridescent white which helps it “pop” when you see it in person.

Old Sycamore 11″ wide x 14″ tall Oil and acrylic $350.00. My wife Cherie and our son Joshua love trees. At our home in Northwest Ohio we had over three hundred trees. All of the maples and oaks around the house Cherie had named. At our friends house in southern Alabama they have an old sycamore tree, I loved the appearance of it when the sun hit it just right in the fall and tried several times to get the look just right. I think I got a decent look!


Make sure and visit my ETSY store. I have all items on a 50% sale through this Thursday May 27th.

I am having a sale at my home this Friday and Saturday and am trying to clear out all of my inventory before starting over fresh.

I have some new ideas I am wanting to start and wanted to make sure my shelves were empty.


COVID bye bye

Hopefully, as more and more people get their vaccinations this pandemic will leave.

An acquaintance went to and Arts and Crafts fair this past weekend and said there were allot of people and allot of buying! It is my hopes to get back to some festivals soon.

In the meantime on May 15th from 8am to 4pm I will be having a show/sale at my home in Montgomery, Al. If interested message me and I will send you my address.

Back at It!

Well after surgery on my left hand and 6 weeks of therapy I am to the point I am ready to start painting again. As you can see I updated my blog and restarted my ETSY page since I will start having more added to it. Here is one of my recent paintings just finished before surgery and I recently put my final coat of varnish on since it is an oil painting.

This painting I call Bald Eagle Pose. it is an Oil Painting 20″ wide x 16″ tall. I was planning on keeping it for myself, however my wife keeps stealing many of my other paintings so I decided to list this one, especially in light of everything happening in our country currently. I am selling this painting for $250.00, it took me almost a week to complete. When I look at it I see strength, hope, power and majesty. All of these virtues are keeping me in hopes of our country solving all of her issues soon.


New Year!

My, oh my, 2020 was a year to be remembered for a long time to come. Hopefully, 2021 will soon see this COVID kicked to the curb and things will slowly return the U.S. to an economic powerhouse!

One of the worst parts of 2020 saw the cancellation of so many art and craft shows, museum shows etc. I even attempted to have a show and sale at my home. I sold a few paintings and figurines, more than covered the advertisements etc but I now have such a huge supply of paintings and figurines. Online sales have gone down because so many others are taking to selling online now, and then there is also the advent of “Digital Painting”, where photographs are taken, edited and printed on canvas. So a two or three week landscape oil painting that I would do takes a few hours and sells for much less. What is a man to do? Oh well, just keep painting and striving to improve, I have taken several online courses/classes to help with my techniques etc. We will see, and I Pray that we get this COVID under control so festivals and shows return!

Enough babbling, Here are some my latest paintings: Remember, all of my paintings are varnished with a UV protecting varnish.

I have also finished several more ceramic pieces and have sold quite a few lately. I will list a few of my favorite pieces here but I have so many…

And there are many many more Santa’s, rabbits, wildlife… just visit my ETSY store!

Don’t forget to visit my fine art store where you can get any of my paintings imprinted and dozens of different items or order a print.

Until next time!

New Pecan Pieces

I was fortunate enough to find more crushed pecan resin figurines, when I was stationed at Fort Bragg I enjoyed painting these and had developed a following through the company I painted for on my slack time (Fort Bragg – Slack Time – HAHAHAHAH, but I did!)

You can find these on my ETSY site, here are some of the pictures:

Mother Easter Bunny
Noahs Ark

New Online Gallery

I have created a new online gallery with I think I am going to like this site. My site is

You can buy any of my artwork in any style of print, tapestry or other items even an iPhone case. Here is an example:

Here you can see types of print material for a wall hanging, posters etc. Anything you want framed there are literally thousands of types, widths, colors etc and it is fast to choose.

Farther down you can see you can order greeting cards and specify what you want on the inside., I-Phone cases and yes, you can specify the type., Pillows, bed throws, shower curtains, coffee mugs, tote bags etc. If there is something you wish that isn’t there contact me and I will try and have them get it!

Even more, Do you have something special you want painted, and then I can do that and have prints made as well.

Let me know what you think!

New Paintings

Well, since we finally got all settled and I have my Art “Closet” studio set up, I am able to get back to work “Bringing Life to canvas, paint and brush strokes” (I like my quote, how about you!)

I just finished varnishing 4 new paintings, as usual my wife stole one!

The first is my wife’s – a 36″wide x 24″ tall acrylic landscape of a fall scene with all of God’s beautiful colors and a tremendous snowcapped mountain scene “It’s Fall”.

“It’s Fall”

Next is a theme I am really getting into lately – Trains. This one is titled “Train Through the Clouds. It is acrylic, 20″ wide x 16” tall. This one is for sale on my Etsy site for $185.00. It was fun learning how to get the chrome/stainless appearance as well as getting the rolling clouds correct around the train.

“Train Through the clouds”

Next is everyones favorite – Saint Nicholas, Santa Claus, Father Christmas, Kris Kringle… I call this one “Santa’s Pose” it is 20″ Tall x 16″ wide acrylic. It is for sale on my Etsy site $185.00

“Santa’s Pose”

Last but definitely not least is another favorite theme of mine BIRDS. This is a lone Cardinal perched on branches during winter. It is 10″ wide x 8″ tall acrylic. This is for sale as well on my Etsy site for $95.00.

Don’t forget, Christmas is not that far off, all orders on my Etsy site are free shipping and I do custom work as well.

Two Paintings Auctioned

I just auctioned two paintings for the Officer Carlos Taylor Benefit here in Montgomery, Alabama. Wish we could have done more but we helped – that is what matters!

I auctioned off Winter Gathering and Dualing Arabians.

“Winter Gathering

“Dualing Arabians”

David Sykes of the Alabama Wounded Blue Inc. stopped by and gave a a Alabama Wounded Blue Challenge Coin! – Thank You Very Much, it was an honor assisting your organization! Here are pictures of the coin:

It was an honor to be able to support our Men In Blue, especially in these trying times. Good Luck Officer Carlos Taylor, may God Bless You and help you in your future therapies.