Final Countdown

My first show will be at the NEACA (Northeast Alabama Crafters Association) at the Von Braun Center in Huntsville, Alabama the 20th through the 22nd. I am working hard getting as many paintings done as possible before then. Cherie and Joshua have to remind me to take my time though! I am using fast drying medium on my oil paintings but I don’t think they will be dry in time. Even with Artisan Fast Drying medium it may take a month to dry before I can varnish them.

Here are some of my latest:

This one is “Bridge to Autumn” 16″ W x 12″ T Acrylic. $275.00 I was thinking of Fort Rucker, Alabama and some of the trails I used to run our dog Nakita on. There was a bridge over a creek and in the Autumn/fall the trees were amazing.

Bridge to Autumn

This is “God’s Beauty” a 20″ W x 16″ T Acrylic. $275.00. This is a painting of a valley in Yellowstone Park. You see the mountains in the rear and a ravine below you with a stream and a rainbow.

“God’s Beauty”

This one is “God’s Creation” a 18″ W x 24″ T Acrylic. $300.00 Pretty much self explanatory. I tried my best to recreate the awe inspiring beauty of this first snow fall in late fall. Makes you just want to sit in the bench!

“God’s Creation”

I just love birds – raptors, ducks and geese, finches, hummingbirds, macaws etc. He we have a MacCaw, he is pointing his wing in the direction of the guy that just took his dinner! “He Went That ‘Away!” Acrylic 12″ T x 16″ W $175.00

“He Went That ‘Away!”

I was asked to paint Jupiter and the surrounding space. I then painted my own version called “Jupiter and the Cosmos” I created the design from different pictures on a royalty free website and included a distant nebula. What do you think? I will conduct a drawing from all who reply about this painting and the winner will receive a free painting in a similar fashion of space! I want at least 25 entries, so make sure and share this with every one in your mailbox. “Jupiter and the Cosmos” Acrylic 12″ T x 36″ W $300.00

“Jupiter and the Cosmos”

Well, guess what? What is it I love to paint? Yep – Birds. Here we have “Midnight Wisdom” an Owl sitting in a moss covered tree with the moon behind it lighting the night. Acrylic 12″ w x 16″ T $300.00.

“Midnight Wisdom”

I decided to try my luck at something I haven’t done in over 40 years. An abstract painting. Here is “Saxy Soul” a jazz saxophonist is N’Orlins! Playing his saxophone at sunset on the street. I altered the colors to give it an abstract appearance. Cherie won’t let me give it up, so don’t tell her I listed it for sale! “Saxy Soul” Acrylic 20″T x 24″ W $575.00

“Saxy Soul”

Joshua loves trees, trees of all types. He loves Christmas too! Here is “Simple Tree” an acrylic painting of an evergreen tree all by itself in winter. Acrylic 12″ W x 36″ T $150.00

“Simple Tree”

What reminds you of a wooden wall with garland made of pine, pine cones, twigs and red berries? Christmas! here is an acrylic painting of that scene. 9″T x 12″ W $45.00

“Simply Christmas”

My last one recently done is a sunset scene during winter. “Winter Sunset” Acrylic 20″ T x 24″ W $175.00

“Winter Sunset”

Until next time!

Oil Paintings

I just ordered my oil paint supplies. They now have many options with water mixable oil paints and with my health I was always hesitant to use turpentine and mineral spirits.

I have finished several more acrylics and just varnished them.

Here is a 12″T x 16″ wide acrylic of a Macaw pointing the way the criminal went! “He went that ‘away”

He Went That ‘away!

Here is a 12″ W x 36″ T acrylic of a lone tree in the winter. “Simple Tree”

Lone Tree

Here is a 9″ T x 12″ W acrylic painting of Christmas garland on a wall.

Simply Christmas

This is “God’s Beauty a 20″ W x 16” T acrylic of a view at Yellowstone.

“God’s Beauty”

Tis the season is coming and Santa made some magic happen here. “Santa’s Magic” a gallery wrapped 16″ T x 20″ W acrylic .

“Santa’s Magic”

God has always worked wonders and here is “God’s Creation”, a 18″ T x 24″ W acrylic.

“God’s Creation”

Speaking of God’s Creations, let’s not forget that God created the Universe – Here is “Jupiter and the Cosmos!” 12″ T x 36″ W acrylic.

Just call me the “Beaver”

Man, I have been busy as a beaver! I was a little disappointed in my old on line gallery so I found a new one at I have several new paintings as well. I do about four or five before I varnish them and I don’t want to post pictures until they are varnished, hence the time span between posts. Make sure and visit my site and order a painting or a print. If you are in northern Alabama on the 20th – 22nd of September I will be at the NEACA show in booth B13.
“Cherie’s Lantern”

Been Busy

Been a busy couple of weeks. Have 6 new paintings and working on two others. (When I get hung up, I start another painting of a different type (landscape, Portrait, Wildlife/Pet or still life) to get my mind thinking in different directions.

I started a painting of the Jaguar Temple in Belize that my son took a while back and had problems maintaining straight lines across a 40″ canvas. I could have used tape but I prefer not to whenever possible, plus I was concerned about messing up wet areas or recently dried areas.

I came up with the idea of using a straight edge they use in sawing wood! So now I can finish my sons painting. He has been so patient. (Even though he claims half of my paintings for himself, and my wife several so that doesn’t leave me much for shows or selling!)

One of my favorites the past couple weeks is a fantasy painting, I haven’t tried one of these for a very long time. I call it “I’m Home”. Make sure and visit my gallery – you can buy paintings, prints and even frames!

“I’m Home” 16″ wide, 12″ tall, 1 1/2″deep gallery wrapped stretched canvas

Back at it!

Well, I worked my way out of my funk, I ended up having four different paintings going at once and then it hit me – Play my music – a mixture of country, classical and some old rock. And then the key, got to have a cup of Scottish tea! Why, I don’t know but it stops my hand shaking!

I tried some abstract stuff like I used to do in the old days but it didn’t work, what I was trying to paint should have been done with an air sprayer but I had to try!

Here’s “Where’s the Sun, Pop’s?” I painted this this past week, my son bought a worm farm kit and said we need to go fishing, theres a pond down the road in our HOA. When he was younger we used to fish all the time.